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WARNING: Make sure you get instant access today, but remember some of the content in these online documentaries are of a sensitive nature and may not be suitable for all audiences so please be careful with whom you share this with.

A blockbuster package which shines the light on some of the most controversial elements of the agenda to usher in a new era for mankind in preparation for the coming of a technology savior.
Over 20 hours of hard hitting evidence to assist you with further research in your ongoing pursuit for truth!
Addresses key questions such as Will the False Prophet coming from the technology industry? Why is the Sumerian era at the time of Noah a replica of where mankind is positioned today? Why has the Vatican been in the limelight in regards to the topic of cloning and alternative life forms? How has the understanding of the "image of the beast" changed over the centuries? What influence does the Rockefeller foundation and Humanity+ (formerly the World Transhumanist Association) have in shaping the creation of a post-human state? Is it really possible that Avatar A will become a reality within the next decade? What evidence is there that some of these new technology developments are originating from the  intelligence of fallen angels?
The perfect package for those who want to benefit from understanding the latest developments and dangers in regards to the quest for eternal human potential.
Now available as an online package that you get access to same day.

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"You have a full 60 days to review this package. So work your way through the 20 hours of documentaries and make notes as you go along and see the frightening evidence of the plans to evolve mankind to a new dawn in preparation for the Antichrist.

Send us any questions or recommendations by email. And if after 60 days you're not fully satisfied with your purchase, you'll get a prompt and courteous refund of every dollar.. No questions asked....you simply can't lose..."

WARNING: Make sure you request this 20 hour online package today, but remember some of the content in these online documentaries are of a sensitive nature and may not be suitable for all audiences so please be careful with whom you share this with.

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P.P.S. An amazing and extensive study of the preparations being made to facilitate the arrival of the Antichrist!

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Reece Woodstock
Lead Researcher and Project Lead

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